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Graduation Etiquette

Posted on May 26th, 2016


Always send a handwritten invitation.  Do not use abbreviations.  Spell out all days, dates, and locations.


This depends on whether you are sending announcements or actual invitations to the graduation ceremony.  If you are sending announcements as a form of celebration, up to 14 days after the actual ceremony takes place is acceptable.  If you are sending actual invitations, try to mail them out four weeks before (14 days before is acceptable).  Keep in mind how long it will take for the invitations to arrive in the mail when making this decision.


Announcements- It is acceptable to send these to extended family/friends but clearly not class members/teachers.  A graduation announcement is a great way to allow everyone to feel included even if they are unable to attend.
Invitations- Immediate family and closest friends, up to the number of guests the graduate is allowed to have at the ceremony.

How many?

Send invitations to the amount of people the graduate is allotted to invite.  If you are having a party, it is a great idea to invite everyone to attend after graduation.  This is a great time to share photos and details of the ceremony.
The graduate will have more flexibility with the number of announcements to send out.

How much?

The gift ties in with your relationship with the graduate.

If you received an announcement, you are not obligated to give a gift,but certainly may if you choose.  An option for this situation would be to send a card or note of congratulations.
Leave the large or expensive gifts for close relatives.  It is very common to give cash gifts, an appropriate amount would be $20.  This allows you to say congratulations without making anyone feel uncomfortable.  Gift cards are another great gift.

Other thoughtful gifts to give are a planner, a personalized item, or a briefcase.  The gift should be sincere and appropriate and convey best wishes for the graduate.

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Etiquette tips when dealing with crowdfunding

Posted on April 1st, 2016

Crowdfunding is a new trend of people giving to fundraising efforts on the internet, mainly  It is important to remember the proper etiquette of asking for donations using the power of social media to raise money for your cause.

Giver- Give to causes you know are worthy.  Make sure you do your research.  Social media has opened the door for bad behavior on

Receiver- Honeymoon, Wedding registry, and funeral and cremation expenses should be followed up with a hand written note.  There is a “say thanks” button that can be used to thank people that may give to your cause that you do not personally know.  The button gives you the option to personalize the message.  Never put the gofundme information in your formal wedding invitation.  Post the information on a couples wedding website or include in the shower invitation.

Common questions:
-Is there ever an occasion when it is OK to ask for money?
Yes.  Examples- Honeymoon, Wedding register, and funeral and cremation expenses

-Is it acceptable to ask for money for a honeymoon when people get married instead of gifts?

-If there is some sort of tragedy is it OK for yourself to make a GoFundMe, or should you wait until someone makes it for you?
It is fine for you to make yourself a GoFundMe.

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Best Mannered at the Oscars

Posted on March 1st, 2016


photo courtesy of Getty Images

The biggest names in Hollywood gathered at this year’s Academy Awards to honor the stars and filmmakers from 2015. With record breaking movies such as Star Wars, The Revenant and Jurassic World, Hollywood’s biggest night was filled with excitement and anticipation. With the hilarious antics of host Chris Rock the night expected to be memorable and surely delivered on those terms. At the NLJC, we believe good manners will always rise above, and we would like to applaud the following celebrities for their exemplary poise and excellent conduct at the 2016 Academy Awards:

Leonardo DiCaprio – DiCaprio accepted his long-awaited Oscar with humility, dignity, and heartfelt gratitude for his role in the film The Revenant. While many stars (understandably!) stumble under the weight of such a great honor, DiCaprio maintained a gracious and confident demeanor throughout his entire acceptance speech. Bravo!

Michael Strahan- As one of the hosts of the Oscars Pre-Show, Strahan’s courtesy and confidence navigating the often chaotic “Red Carpet” was exemplary. His positive demeanor, encouraging words, and kindness to all he encounters make him a fantastic example for young fans to follow.

Brie Larson -  Winner of the “Best Actress in a Leading Role,” Larson was a picture of elegance last night, from her stunning gown to her well-spoken acceptance speech.  Larson was exceptionally grateful to her team, friends, and family and, as a result, her sweet, genuine acceptance was just lovely.

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